How to support EPA’s through charities

Sunday 5th was International Day of Charity. I wanted to mention this as I think businesses and charities are in a position to work well together and improve life chances for wherever your passion lies – mental health, animals, care, historic buildings, health, or conservation, to name just a few. 


Have you heard of Amazon Smile? We use it personally for a local fostering charity, Power of Parenting. In all honesty, the donation works out to pennies, but ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’. Hopefully, lots of small donations from many people make a difference. 


There are so many charities to choose from, but as the EPAs (End Point Assessments) we provide/plan to provide are for ‘Early Years Apprenticeships’, ‘Children, Young People and Families Apprenticeships’, and the youth sector, we intend to support a few smaller charities. For Early Years, we are looking into Smiletrain, funding cleft lips and palates, small procedures which are life-changing. The owners of SSES are foster carers, and the Children, Young People and Families Standards are for children looked after; so, we plan to support Power of Parenting (above).  


Other standards for End Point Assessment that SSES will be offering include Youth Justice and Youth Workers. If you know of, or are involved in, any small charities that support these areas, please drop us a line through the chat feature, or via our contact page. 


Whilst here, please use the chat box if you would like to know more about the EPAs we offer, the costs involved, or to request a brochure.