Level 2 Early Years Practitioner

Last Monday we discussed the Level 3 Early Years Educator, as part of our EPA mini-series, and as announced, today we shall take a brief look at the Level 2 Early Years Practitioner. 


The IfATE (Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Evaluation) states that the overview of the role is to ‘work and interact directly with children on a day-to-day basis supporting the planning of and delivery of activities’. The word ‘support’ defines the main difference between a Level 2 Early Years Practitioner and a Level 3 Early Years Educator. The Level 2 is ideal for someone new to Early Years, and who do not yet have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to be able to carry out a more senior position. Hopefully, with the knowledge gained from the L2 training, the Apprentice will then feel confident enough to go on and train for the Level 3 Early Years Educator. 


As with the L3 the Early Years Practitioner can find employment in many areas, including full day care, children’s centres, preschools, out of school environments. 


The apprenticeship was approved for delivery in March 2020, and usually takes about 12 months to reach Gateway with an EPAO (End Point Assessment Organisation). It is worth remembering that all Apprenticeships have to take a minimum of a year for funding, so if an apprentice completes their portfolio earlier than a year, they cannot complete the apprenticeship.  


SSES very much believe that ‘focusing on the end is the key to success’. Choosing the End Point Assessment Organisation at the beginning of the journey for the Apprentice ensures we have the time to build a strong and positive relationship. It gives the Apprentice, employer and training provider the understanding of what is needed in order to process easily through the Gateway. Hopefully, also, the apprentice will look forward to the End Point Assessment as an opportunity to showcase the knowledge, skills and behaviours they have learned, rather than something unknown and causing unnecessary anxiety. 


If you would like further information, please use the chat box, email us on contact@sseducationalservices.co.uk or telephone on 01344 390 546. We can provide you with our Brochure for the L2 Early Years Practitioner and our Step-by-Step Guide of the journey from first contact through to completion. Attached is the roadmap SSES use to explain this process. 


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