About the End Point Assessment

When apprenticeships started changing from frameworks to standards back in 2017 there was some adjustment needed in the mindset of apprentices, employers and training providers. One of those areas was the End Point Assessment. 


With frameworks, at the end of the training period, the apprentice finished and was either qualified or unqualified. This decision was made by the training provider that had worked with the apprentice for the duration of their qualification. An External Verifier would visit, pull out a selection of apprentice records and ensure that the decisions the training provider made were consistent with national standards and met conditions to ensure reliability and fairness. This description by no way explains the importance of the role and the amount of checking that was done, it’s more a nod to the historical way the delivery of apprentice training was quality assured.  


The introduction of the standards also brought a new player into the process, and that is the End Point Assessment Organisation. And one which here at SSES we think was a long time coming. Now, instead of the apprenticeship finishing at the end of the training, an independent organisation will carry out several assessments and confirm the apprentice is competent in the level and standard they have completed. 


We found that a large number of apprentices in the first few years had not been made aware of the End Point Assessment process, and it was seen as something that ‘I’m not doing that’ or ‘It’s really scary’. This obviously has a knock-on effect on the training providers withdrawal rates which in turn impact on the Accountability Framework, as well as the financial implications. Explaining the importance of the EPA to the apprentice and employer is key. It is an opportunity to showcase everything they have learnt. 


Here at SS Educational Services, we go to great lengths to put the apprentice at ease during the individual assessment processes, and have had feedback that our IEPAs ensure the apprentice is relaxed and then able to deliver a powerful EPA. You can read more about our EPAs here and here. If you have any questions please email sandra@sseducationalservices.co.uk