The End-Point Assessment Methods

1) Observation of Practice

  • 80-90 minutes individual observation of the apprentice at work
  • 10 minute briefing for the apprentice to explain the work that is about to be undertaken
  • The actual observation period will be 55-60 minutes
  • 15-20 minute clarification question and answer session at the end
  • Observation must be designed to make sure that the apprentice demonstrates the required skills, knowledge and behaviours
  • Observation will consist of a live setting practical example that must show that the needs of a specific child or young person are at the heart of this work

2) Competence Interview

The competence interview is a structured discussion of 55-60 minutes 

  • It will look at both the work the apprentice has undertaken, the strengths demonstrated, and will consider any gaps or weaknesses in knowledge, skills or behaviours 
  • There will be probing questions and discussion about the professional practice undertaken within the course of the apprentice’s work, based on the application of the core skills and knowledge and behaviours which will: confirm and validate judgements about the quality of work, provide evidence for any gaps or perceived weaknesses in skills and knowledge, explore aspects of the work, including how and why it was carried out
  • The information gained from the discussion will provide a basis for the independent assessor to make a holistic decision about the grade to be awarded

Gateway Requirements

SS Educational Services will need a reference from the employer confirming the apprentice is consistently working at, or above, level 4, as well as:

  • Apprentice has completed the portfolio to the required standards and entries have been validated by the employer
  • Apprentice has a current DBS Certificate
  • Apprentice has passed the mandatory qualification
  • Apprentice has achieved level 2 in maths and English or equivalent (if not already previously achieved)
  • Manager confirms that the apprentice has satisfactorily completed the knowledge, skills and behaviour requirements

More Information

The Children, Young People and Families Practitioner Level 4 End-Point Assessment delivered by SS Educational Services includes:

  • 12-weekly touch points to ensure that the apprentice is on target to meet their Planned End Date
  • A step-by-step guide which includes all required documentation
  • Experienced sector specialists delivering the EPA
  • Written feedback
  • A fast turnaround speed


£650 (face-to-face)

Duration of End-Point Assessment

Unlike other End-Point Assessment Organisations, we can provide the apprentice with their end-point assessment in as little as 3 weeks of entering Gateway, and their results are shared shortly after our IQA process has taken place, which we aim to complete within a week.

SSES offers this service nationally, both face-to-face and remotely.

Please see the IfATE Assessment Plan below for full details.