World Oceans Day

Discovering the Depth of Our Oceans: A World Oceans Day Celebration in Early Years Education

World Environment Day

Celebrating World Environment Day: Inspiring Young Minds for a Greener Future   It’s that time

World Bee Day

World Bee Day 2023: The Buzzing Guardians of Our Planet As we celebrate World Bee

National Children’s Day

The Impact of Early Years and Children, Young People and Families Workers on National Children’s

Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day Outdoors: Educational Activities for Children and Young People Earth Day is celebrated

World Health Day

Celebrating World Health Day: Our Role as Early Years Educators in Promoting Good Health World

Autism Awareness Day 2023

Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day: The Importance of Understanding Autism and SEN in Children, Young

Autism Acceptance Week

Autism Awareness Week is a week-long campaign that takes place every year from March 27th

World Book Day 2023

World Book Day 2023 World Book Day is a celebration of literature, reading, and storytelling.