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What is an End-Point Assessment (EPA)? shape-icon

The End-Point Assessment takes place at the end of an Apprentices’ studies, to test that an Apprentice is fully capable of doing their job before they receive their Apprenticeship certificate. It also helps to demonstrate that what an Apprentice has learned can be applied in the real world.

Click here to find out more about the EPA, or here to read about it on the Government apprenticeships website.

How much does an End-Point Assessment cost? shape-icon

Please visit our End-Point Assessment page and click on the ‘view our pricing’ button for full details of our fee structure.

How much involvement should I expect? shape-icon

SSES will offer as much, or as little, support as you need. If you are considering Apprenticeships for the first time, then we can help you through the whole process from beginning to end. Alternatively, if you have previously had Apprentices go through an EPA and are confident with the process, then we will take your lead as to how much input you need from us.

What is the Gateway and what are the requirements? shape-icon

The EPA period should only start once the employer is satisfied that the Apprentice is consistently working at or above the level set out in the occupational standard, that is to say they have achieved occupational competence.

In making this decision, the employer may take advice from the Apprentice’s training provider(s), but the decision must ultimately be made solely by the employer.

Once this decision is made the Apprentice goes through ‘Gateway’. This involves meeting certain criteria set out within each standard, supplied by SSES when you register.

How can I access funds to support employees through an apprenticeship? shape-icon

If you are an employer with a pay bill of over £3 million each year, you will have started paying the Apprenticeship Levy since April 2019.

Non-levy paying employers will share the cost of training and assessing their apprentices with government – this is called ‘co-investment’. You will pay 5% towards the cost of Apprenticeship training. The government will pay the rest (95%) up to the funding band maximum.

This link explains the requirements of funding.

When does the EPA come into effect? shape-icon

The Early Years Educator (L3) Standards were approved in April 2019, meaning that the first Apprentices will be going through Gateway after October 2020. The EPA process occurs within 3 months of the Gateway.

Both the Children, Young People & Families Practitioner (L4) and Children, Young People & Families Manager (L5) were approved in June 2018.

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