Gateway Requirements

SS Educational Services will need a reference from the employer confirming the Apprentice is consistently working at, or above, level 5, as well as:

  • English and maths Level 2
  • Must have submitted a portfolio of evidence to underpin the professional discussion
  • The case study title and scope will be agreed between the Apprentice employer and the EPAO at the gateway

The End-Point Assessment Methods

1) Observation With Questions

An observation with questions involves an independent assessor observing and questioning an apprentice undertaking work, as part of their normal duties, in the workplace. This allows for a demonstration of the KSBs through naturally occurring evidence. The observation must be of an apprentice completing their usual work and simulation is not permitted.

2) Professional Discussion

A professional discussion is a two-way discussion which involves both the independent assessor and the apprentice actively listening and participating in a formal conversation.  The apprentice leads the discussion. It gives the apprentice the opportunity to make detailed and proactive contributions to confirm their competency across the KSBs mapped to this method.

3) Case Study With Report and Presentation and Questioning

The case study report will be based on a case study that the apprentice has done with an individual child or group of children. The case study report should include an analysis of observations the apprentice has made. The presentation will complement the report by allowing the apprentice the opportunity to provide more information about the report and to answer questions on it.

More Information

The Early Years Lead Practitioner Level 5 End-Point Assessment delivered by SS Educational Services includes:

  • 12-weekly touch points to ensure that the Apprentice is on target to meet their Planned End Date
  • A step-by-step guide which includes all required documentation
  • Experienced sector specialists delivering the EPA
  • Written feedback
  • A fast turnaround speed


£850 (face-to-face)

Duration of End-Point Assessment

Unlike other End-Point Assessment Organisations, we can provide the apprentice with their end-point assessment in as little as a week after receiving their case study (this will be typically 6-12 weeks after approving the case study proposal at gateway), and their results are shared shortly after our IQA process has taken place, which we aim to complete within a week.

SSES offers this service nationally, both face-to-face and remotely.


Please see the IfATE Assessment Plan below for full details.