Gateway Requirements

SS Educational Services will need a reference from the employer confirming the Apprentice is consistently working at, or above, level 2, as well as:

  • Maths and English level 1
  • Maths and English level 2 attempted if the Apprentice already held level 1 prior to starting the Apprenticeship
  • Early Years Practitioner Level 2
  • Portfolio with Statement of Authenticity

The End-Point Assessment Methods

1) Knowledge Test

  • Multiple Choice Questions 
  • 40 questions
  • Closed book, i.e., no referencing books or other materials 
  • 60 minute duration 
  • To achieve a PASS the Apprentice must correctly answer a minimum of 26 questions, and at least 3 safeguarding, and 3 health, safety, and security answers must be correct
  • To achieve a DISTINCTION the Apprentice must correctly answer a minimum of 32 questions, with the same safeguarding, health, safety and security requirements

2) Professional Discussion

  • A 90 minute 1:1 between the Apprentice and IEPA
  • 10% extra time is permitted to enable the Apprentice to complete an answer
  • The Professional Discussion will be recorded for Quality Assurance purposes 
  • Questions to start discussion will be from the question bank and generated by the IEPA to target specific areas of the Portfolio 
  • The Professional Discussion allows a full synoptic assessment of the Apprentice, testing aspects of the Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours gained

More Information

The Early Years Practitioner Level 2 End-Point Assessment delivered by SS Educational Services includes:

  • 12-weekly touch points to ensure that the Apprentice is on target to meet their Planned End Date
  • A step-by-step guide which includes all required documentation
  • Experienced sector specialists delivering the EPA
  • Written feedback
  • A fast turnaround speed
  • A SSES printed certificate with a wax seal signed by our CEO


£400 (remote)

£500 (face-to-face)

Duration of End-Point Assessment

Unlike other End-Point Assessment Organisations, we can provide the Apprentice with their End-Point Assessment in as little as a week of entering Gateway, and their results are shared shortly after our IQA process has taken place; this will occur no later than a month post EPA.

SSES offers this service nationally, both face-to-face and remotely.

Please check out the documents below for our Brochure, Step-by-Step Guide, and the IfATE Assessment Plan.