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Level 3 Early Years Educator

In our last blog post ‘How much Sector-Specialism does your EPAO have?’ we mentioned that we planned to post a mini-series on the standards we are/plan to End-Point Assess. 


We thought we would start with the Early Years Educator Level 3. Although Level 2 – covered next week – is an accepted qualification to work in Early Years, Level 3 gives the individual additional responsibilities; i.e., they are needed as part of the essential ratios set out by Ofsted. 


The IfATE (Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Evaluation) state they are ‘Highly trained professionals who play a key role in ensuring that young children learn and develop well and are kept healthy.’ Employment can include full day care, children’s wards in hospitals, pre-schools, reception classes and children’s centres. 


As with all Apprenticeship Standards, at the end of the training for a Level 3 qualification in Early Years, the individual will take part in an End-Point Assessment (EPA) with an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO). If prepared for correctly, this should not be looked at as an unnecessary and nerve-wracking experience, but rather the opportunity for the Apprentice to showcase the knowledge, skills and behaviours they have developed over their training period. 


Here at SSES, as a small, niche EPAO with a small team, employers and training providers can be assured of consistency. We reply to all queries within 48 hours – and usually much quicker; having a small team means we know all of our clients well, saving the continuous problems of needing to introduce oneself again and again. 


We provide all the documentation needed to progress from registration to certification, and samples of these can all be found within the Level 3 Early Years Educator Step by Step Guide. As a small niche provider, we are proud to offer mock Multiple-Choice Questions on the same software the knowledge test will be taken on; as well as an extensive feedback form after the EPA has taken place. 


Attached is our Road Map of the process for the L3 Early Years Educator Apprentice. It sets out simply the requirements for each stage, explains what is needed and when, and also, what is happening behind the scenes. Hopefully it will help you and your Apprentice throughout the journey. 


Our own Apprentice is updating our website to include full details on the Gateway and End Point Assessment Requirements. In the meantime, if you would like any further information, or a copy of our Brochure or Step-by-Step Guide, please use the chat box, email us on or ring 01344 390 546.


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