The End-Point Assessment Methods

1) Multiple-Choice Questions Test

  • 40 questions 
  • Only 1 correct answer per question
  • 60 minutes
  • Apprentices will be given 10 days notice for the assessment
  • Closed book (no referencing books or other materials)
  • Apprentice must be alone in a quiet room, free from distractions 
  • Apprentice must achieve 26 correct answers to pass

2) Professional Discussion

  • The Apprentice is allowed to refer to and illustrate their answers with evidence from their portfolio
  • Questioning should be used to assess KSBs mapped to this method and to explore the apprentice’s ability to demonstrate against the KSBs in different circumstances
  • The EPAO must give an apprentice 2 weeks notice of the professional discussion
  • The professional discussion must last for 60 minutes
  • The independent assessor can increase the time of the professional discussion by up to 10%. This time is to allow the apprentice to respond to a question if necessary.
  • The independent assessor must ask at least 7 questions. Follow-up questions are allowed where clarification is required

3) Observation With Questions

  • The EPAO must give an apprentice 10 days notice of the observation with questions
  • The observation must take 3 hours
  • The independent assessor can increase the time of the observation with questions by up to 10%. This time is to allow the apprentice to complete a task or respond to a question if necessary
  • The independent assessor must explain to the apprentice the format and timescales of the Observation With Questions before it starts. This does not count towards the assessment time
  • The plans for the session will be drawn up by the apprentice and discussed with the end point assessment organisation at the gateway to ensure as many of the KSBs mapped to this assessment method can be covered
  • During the post-observation questioning session, the independent assessor must ask a minimum of 4 set open questions to assess related underpinning knowledge

Gateway Requirements

SS Educational Services will need a reference from the employer confirming the Apprentice is consistently working at, or above, level 2, as well as:

  • If the apprentice had no maths and/or English, a Level 1 functional skills (or equivalent) is required for gateway. If the Apprentice already held a Level 1 at the start of the apprenticeship, then the Apprentice must have evidence of taking the Level 2 in either maths and/or English.
  • Portfolio with Statement of Authenticity

More Information

The Playworker Level 2 End-Point Assessment delivered by SS Educational Services includes:

  • 12-weekly touch points to ensure that the Apprentice is on target to meet their Planned End Date
  • A step-by-step guide which includes all required documentation
  • Experienced sector specialists delivering the EPA
  • Written feedback
  • A fast turnaround speed
  • A SSES printed certificate with a wax seal signed by our CEO


£550 (face-to-face)

Duration of End-Point Assessment

Unlike other End-Point Assessment Organisations, we can provide the Apprentice with their End-Point Assessment in as little as two weeks of entering Gateway, and their results are shared shortly after our IQA process has taken place; this will occur no later than a month post EPA, but in most cases, within a week.

SSES offers this service nationally, both face-to-face and under special circumstances, remotely.



Please check out the documents below for our Brochure and Step-by-Step guide (TBA), and the IfATE Assessment Plan